Positive Reinforcement

Good evening Beauties.

I am sure some of you have children and if they are anything like my cute step kids they have bad days.

It is hard being a step parent, it is hard to find your place, its hard to know when it is okay to get mad and what to say. It is even harder when you are already the bad guy and then your spouse makes you dish out punishments. Its a tricky situation but i wouldnt change it for the world. Even when it is at its hardest.

It is hard not to lose your mind sometimes however, they are kids and it is all a part of the norm (i am trying very hard to remember this)

We wanted to do something positive to reinforce good behaviour, so i created a sticker sheet. Each sticker is worth .10 cents.

They have a list of things they need to do everyday (simple things like make their bed, brush their teeth and get dressed without being asked) each thing earns them one sticker. They also have opportunities to earn more stickers by sharing, being good in public, helping out around the house.

It has been working however, sometimes they argue and dont listen and unfortunately that means they lose a sticker. 


I find that positive reinforcement not only works better but i also find i am building a stronger and better relationship with the boys. They are more inclined to listen to me when they know that i love and understand them.

Not being their real parent and just a step parent they dont realize i am on their side and even though sometimes i am hard on them i love them with all of my heart. I respect them and their dad and even when im mad im not going anywhere.


They make every day brighter!

I hope you all have a great day!

Hug your children and remind them they are loved even when they are being bad.
Stay Beautiful ♡


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