Liebster Award

Hello Beauties
I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Megan from
Thank you♡

I am so honoured and excited! So lets jump in!

Here are the rules:


1. What is your biggest environmental concern & what do you do about it?
Currently it is the forest fires and how dry it is outside. Here in BC it hasn’t rained more than 6 times since April!
To do our part we make sure that we don’t have fires while camping, use our bbq to close to any trees ext as well as not water our plants and grass as ofter because with no rain mean less water in our reservoir.

2. Explain your blog name?
My blog name actually was inspired by a book but also by how i live my life. It is beautiful and chaotic.

3. Who is your favourite cartoon character & why?
Arthur the ardvark it was my favourite show as a child and i still love to watch it (i use little children around me as an excuse ;D)

4. Best post you’ve ever written? provide link.
I dont know on this one i am so proud of most of my posts i put my love and effort in to each of them.
I just currently wrote one on Positive Reinforcement with your kids, how i am achieving it with my step kids and the real struggles of being a step parent.

5. Best concert you have ever been to?
I would have to say the best concert i have been to was hedley before they became popular. They engaged with the audience and were down to earth and their music was catchy.

6. How do you look after your mental health?
I love the ocean i find it peaceful and cleansing. If i am having a hard time it is nothing the sight of the ocean and the sound of the breeze cant fix.

7. Most challenging thing about being a parent? If you’re not one, what do you think it would be?
I am a step mom to two very sweet little boys but there are struggle and challenges that come along with being a step parent. There is a fine line of okay and too far and you never know which it is until you have crossed it.

8. Best thing you cook?

9. What do you remember about being 15?
Drama… being a teenage girl was so dramatic!

10. Favourite country, city or town you’ve ever visited & why?    And almost forgot number
Montana, it was gorgeous the people were friendly and it reminds me a lot of Vancouver Island.
11. Favourite animal and why?
This is a hard one i love animals i find them all so cute and cuddly ahah. My favourite is probably a fox, they are beautiful.

My Nominations:
1♡ Alison Williamson from
2♡ Steph Garner from
3♡ Lisa Wong from
4♡ Carla McDonald from
5♡ Rebecca Abraham from
6♡ Alexandra Rood from
7♡ Chelsea Underwood from
8♡ Sarah Bowen from
9♡ Cori Scherer from
10♡ Annette Silvestre from
11♡ Christin Leigh from

I love all of your blogs!

Here are my questions for all of you beauties!!!
1: What was your inspiration to start your blog?

2: When do you prefer to write. Morning or night?

3: Best parenting advice?

4: If you started a new blog what would you write about?

5: Do you have a youtube channel?
If so, what is it?
If not, do you want to start one?

6: How many copies of your post do you write before publishing?

7: Favourite jewlery?

8: Favourite designer brand?

9: What kind of phone do you have?

10: What kind of camera do you use for your blog photos?

11: Favourite vacation?

I hope you all enjoy!!!
Stay Beautiful♡


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