A little personal

Hey Beauties todays post is going to be about what it is really like being in a broken family so here we go!

Now you read above and your probably thinking that im talking about my parents or siblings.
Infact i am talking about my cousin.

She and i used to be close, really close, best friends, loving cousins and now? Now we are strangers.


(Out of respect i covered her face)
It also is about my parents and hers they dont talk either.

We all used to be the family that people looking in envied.

I was proud to be apart of a strong family dynamic. It was rare.

Now because of some things said, misplaced anger, selfishness and taking sides our family is broken and the chances of it being fixed are rare.

So what is it like you ask?

Every day it feels like apart of you just is not there.
At family events your sitting in opposite sides of the room.
Holidays become a little less sparkly, the dinner table isnt full and the food leaves a weird after taste.
When family visits from out of town the time is seperated and you miss out on half of it.

The hardest part is when one person is ready to move on but the other is not.


(Out of respect i covered her face)
The feeling that your family will never be hole again, when you want to share something with them but they ignore your call, when your sad and want to hug them. You look back at what started this and it becomes so silly.

Its hard every day, no one gets it, you try not to show it.

Its lonely, your frozen, something is missing!

That is what it is really like.

Stay Beautiful xo ♡


6 thoughts on “A little personal

  1. My family went through the exact same thing and I feel you 100%. Seriously, it is like you told my story. An uncle (one of my mom’s brothers) and aunt of mine, stopped talking to my mom, and that includes me and my siblings, for reasons that ’til this day we do not know. This was over 4 years ago already and the family has been apart since; just like you described the separation of yours. Even when moves were done to try to mend the broken ties, we are still apart and I don’t think it will ever be the same.
    The rest of the family does not seem to understand and we look like we are the “bad guys” because after being ignored we decided to stay away from family functions for a long time. We just could not be in a place where people that we love so much would not talk to us or face us. Just writing this my heart hurts very much and I have treasured pictures of times with my cousins just like the ones you put up.
    I still don’t have peace in my heart about the situation, but I have come to see that if someone truly loves you, they will not let you go from their lives so easily.


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