My Fall Essentials

Goood morning beauties,
Today i am writing my fall essentials list!!!

Looks like i need to go shopping soon 😉


☆ 3 wick candles from bath&body works
These should be on everyone’s essential list!

☆ Pouperi
I love love love the way pouperi looks on your table in a classy glass bowl.

☆ Decorative Pumpkins
These are so chic!

☆ Fall lippies
What else screams fall then a dark gorgeous smooth lippie.

☆ Cinnamon sticks
Mmm i love cinnamon any day of the week but definitely in the fall!

☆ Sweaters
Fall has the cutest sweaters

☆ Boots & scarves
Eeek quite possibly my favourite of all!

☆ Outside lights
Ash an I love sitting outside but it gets really dark really fast in the fall, so these are perfect.

☆ Leather jacket
Everyone needs a good leather jacket

Hope you all enjoyed have a wonderful day!!!

Comment below telling me your fall essentials!

Here is my PDF of fall essentials list to always have on hand

Stay Beautiful ♡


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