Goals for the end of 2015

Good Morning beauties 🙂 


Todays post is my end of the years goal list.

Some of them may stretch into the new year and others will be done by the end of this month.
Beside each goal i will write down when i hope to have them finished.
So if your ready lets jump in!

☆ Find a one bedroom place close to work
– November 1
☆Buy a car 🙂
– November 1
☆ Enroll in the Event Managment course at Thompson Rivers university
– November first (for January enrollment)
☆ Create an email contact list for a newsletter
– December 1
☆ Create content for a week in advance
☆ Save and take my nail tech course
-December 1
☆ Save for a new laptop
-January 1
☆ Save for a vlogging camera
-January 1

Well beauties there it is these are my goals for the end of 2015.

Comment below and let me know what yours are!!!

Stay Beautiful ♡ xo


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