HOW TO: deal with stress & anxiety

Hello Beauties,
Todays post is all about how i deal with stress and anxiety. Unfortunately like a lot of other people these days this is a real part of my life. It may not be day to day but sometimes its my entire life it feels like. So here is my how tos:

1: Turn off all electronic devices. It allows your brain to decompose and relax.

2: Read a book. This helps refocus.

3: Colour a detailed colouring page, this is another way to refocus.

4: Lay with your eyes closed breathing deeply with gentle soothing music.

5: yoga!

6: Go for a swim or walk

7: Turn music up and dance around your house, this will losen up all that stress.

8: Clean your house.

I hope all you beautiful people enjoyed thid post and maybe it will help you next time your stressed out.

Stay Beautiful xo

Disclaimer: these steps and tips work for me, i am not a doctor and they may not work for everyone


4 thoughts on “HOW TO: deal with stress & anxiety

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