The ‘Chic’ Interview with Ali Chat

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Todays post is an interview with the lovely Alexandra from ‘Ali Chat’
This girl is not only a fabulous writer but also a very sweet and down to earth woman! Heres our interview I hope you love it.

K- what made you want to start blogging/youtube

A- And cue the novel… Back in high school, I had horrible skin. My face was an oil slick covered in acne and dry patches. I had very low self confidence because of my skin. It was so bad, in fact, that I felt like a HAD to wear makeup instead of makeup just being something to have fun with. After high school, I decided to opt for the beauty school route instead of the universities everyone urged me to attend. I graduated in Estheology and finally had a handle on how to care for my skin, and makeup became something exciting to do rather than being part my identity. While I took my education seriously, I just could not wrap my head around wearing a lab coat and clinically giving out skin care advice at a dermatologists office. I wanted to keep makeup and skin care fun like it was meant to be, and give out the secrets that other Estheticians out there don’t want you to know! So in February of 2015 I launched and have been loving every minute of it ever since! 

K- did you take any hair/makeup/nail courses?

A- While in the Estheology program, I did take a one day crash course in makeup basics. Nothing over the top or too in-depth. I’ve kinda always had a knack for makeup (we can thank my dance team days for this) and once my skin issues were under control, my makeup skills just sorta flourished! Once I started having fun with it and experimenting a little more I found my style, and then started doing bridal makeup as a side hustle!

K- who is your favorite youtuber?

A- 110% MakeupByTiffanyD. She is probably the most relatable person on YouTube, and doesn’t give in to the “sponsored video” BS. She is extremely transparent about the products for is sent to review, has impeccable style and makeup skills, and has the sweetest personality. I really enjoy watching her videos!

K- wine or beer?

A- Oh gosh… This one’s hard. I guess it really depends on my mood, and the food I’m eating. If I want to feel like a proper lady (pinkies up!) then a glass of white wine is in my hand. BUT if it’s pizza or tacos then it’s beer all the way.
K- they say diamonds are a girls best friend, do you agree & if so why? 

A- No way! My wedding ring is a sapphire and I absolutely love it! Back before diamonds were commonplace in wedding rings, sapphires were used. I love the sentiment that comes with the sapphire and they are just gorgeous! But if we’re really talking about best friends, it’s my dog all the way 😉

K- what’s your favorite part of blogging

A- There are so many things I love about blogging! I love meeting new people (thats you Kim!), how much it has brought me out of my shell, and being my own boss. But, by far, the best thing about blogging is teaching others. I love that I can spread my knowledge so others might not have to go through the insecurities that I went through.

K- how does your husband feel about it? 

A- He has been so supportive! When I first decided to start on my little blogging venture, he helped me set up my first website and urged me to press the very intimidating publish button. Since then he has been wonderful all around: being the man behind the camera, constantly lifting me up, and even taking on the role of sole income provider just so I can pursue my dream. I am so thankful for him, because honestly I don’t know if I would be where I am today and chasing my dream if it wasn’t for him. I’m extremely lucky.

K- what are your fall essentials? 

A- Two words: purple lipstick. I love how vamp-y it looks paired with a sultry eye and a comfy fall sweater. It’s perfection.

K- best chick flick? 

A- Bridesmaids, hands down. I cannot get enough of Kristen Wigg and I have never laughed so hard at a movie in my whole life. Actually.. I think I’m going to watch that right now…

K- where is your next trip? 

A- Back to Texas for my mom’s college graduation. This is also where both my parents and my husband’s parents live so it’ll be a little family reunion as well!

K- create a hashtag for your blog!?

A- Let’s keep it simple: #alichat

K- how would you describe your personal style? 

A- I’ve coined my style as classy with an edge. I love neutrals, color blocking, and simple classic pieces paired with a pop of interest. Combat boots, a bright colored pair of tights, a bold statement necklace, etc. I like simple and comfortable pieces as a back drop to a fun element in all my outfits!

K- do you plan on making money from blogging/youtube? 

A- This is one of those questions that a lot of people hate answering.. I think readers tend to associate making money from blogging with insincerity, but it doesn’t always have to be this way. The short answer for me is yes, I would love to make this my full time job pulling in a full time income, but the long answer is that I work hard, got an education, and wholeheartedly love sharing my knowledge to the world. This will never change. Even if my bank account does 🙂

K- Favourite dessert?

A- Oh Good Lord, CHEESECAKE!

K- what type of camera do you use? 

A- I use a Canon T5i Rebel for both my YouTube videos and the pictures on my blog

K- pc or mac?

A- Mac for the win! I love that my iPhone, iPad and Mac all sync together. It makes blogging on the go super simple.

K- what is your “for now” job? 

A- My “for now” job is not making money from my blog… for now 😉

K- coffee or tea? 

A- Coffee is my lifeline. There is something about having a cuppa joe while I’m plugging away on my blog posts that make me all the more productive. But I will never say to give me coffee by IV. 1: I hate needles, 2: I want to taste the coffee!

K- are you into the planner fad? 

A- Oh yes. I am also into the color-coding fad and the to-do list fad. It makes life so much easier to follow especially when you work from home!

K- last but not least whats your must have app?

A- As a blogger I feel like there are so many apps that are essential to my business. But if I had to boil it down to just one app I’d have to say it’s FaceTune. It’s the perfect photo editing app! I actually will send pictures to my phone just so I can use that app before posting a picture to my blog. It’s how I get white backgrounds in my photos and make products stand out in the pictures as well!


Bio: After obtaining her esthetician’s license, Alex used her passion for skin care and makeup to create Ali Chat! She frequently posts reviews, fashion advice, and beauty tips and tutorials. In addition to her blog, she also has a YouTube Channel where she posts weekly.

Thank You!!!!

Alexandra Lawless
Owner, alichatblog


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