Teaching “W” about elections and voting

Hello Beauties,

So yesterday was our federal election here in Canada (yay Trudeau)
I am proud to announce i voted for the first time.

Even though the election was yesterday,  today i am teaching the kid i nanny (we will call him ‘W’ ) all about the parties, the election itself and how our government works.
He is home schooled so this also makes it easy to show him things not only in the “Classroom” but online, outside and from different perspectives.

He is 11, so i thought i should break it down a bit for him. Here are some pictures of how i did that:



(There will be a pdf/word version below for you to download if you want to teach your kids about Canadian Elections in a simple way)

I broke it into three parts and only talked about the four major parties here in canada.

The first section was a little of each parties platform,
The second section was the definition of each party &
The third section was some vocabulary words they should know!

I believe we need to teach the younger generation about voting so when it is there time they will be educated and confident enough to make a decision that will be the best for them and their country.

That being said, i respect the differences of opinions whether you are voting for an opposing party or not voting at all. The choice is yours and i believe that this also should be instilled into the younger generation.

I hope you lovelies enjoyed my post!

Great things are going to happen smile and take it all in.

Stay Beautiful xo



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