My ‘Chic’ weekend

Hello beauties,
Welcome to another segment of


Today im sharing what i did this weekend; from girls day with sissy, the corn maze to the Shania Twain concert!

Friday- My sister A and I had a ‘sissy’ date we went for lunch, shoppimg, got our nails done and went to a movie (jem and the holograms)
* There will be a mini haul posted this week sometime keep an eye out!

Saturday- My Brother R and I had lunch and went and got my cousin a baby present (yay a baby) then later Brit and I went to get stuff for my Halloween costume!

Sunday- My family and i went to the Vancouver Island Cornmaze out in North saanich which is 14 acres (of hell 😉 lol) it was fun we got lost i was skating in the mud (definitely dont wear flats ahha). After the Cornmaze we went and bought pumpkins and had a family carving party.
I then went to the Shania Twain concert with Brittany! It was amazing. Shania Twain has been my idol since I was a little girl my favourite song has always been “whose bed have your boots been under”

Here are some pics from this weekend:







I hope you all had an amazing weekend!!!

Stay Beautiful xo


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