Whats happening?

Hello beauties!   


I just love this photo ^!!!
I found it on pinterest and instantly fell inlove haha.

I haven’t updated you all lately so heres the newest life update!

Lets start with Ash and I broke up. It is for the best, he wasn’t who i thought he was. I am happy it is over but no regrets; you dont learn lessons when you sit there regretting and feeling sorry for yourself.

I am happy to say i am finally back to feeling like my true self, im back to making plans with friends and being with family. I feel confident in my writing again and making my own decisions.

I am planning on getting a new car in December so i am excited about that. I love my white beast but he does not seem to love me.

I have a gorgeous new cat who is still getting use to all the chaos in my families house.
See post here to meet her:

I am working on saving money for my nail tech course, i am excited its becoming a reality instead of just a dream!


I am going to be posting three times a week again, i am sorry i have been slacking work is just busy and its taking a while to get into a groove.
I am really loving my new job it is challenging and not just your regular nanny job there is a lot of work involved. W Is home schooled so i help with work, creating a work plan, following curriculum, and writing weekly reports. On top of meal plans, walking the dog, playtime and all the usual nanny stuff.

Well i hope you enjoyed my update.
Here is some things you can expect to see this month:
*A mini haul
*Two reviews- one beauty and one book review
*A blog spotlight
*Christmas advent for December pdf
And so much more!!!

Until then
Stay Beautiful xo


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