An everything haul

Hey beauties, today is an everything haul.

I went a little crazy this month, and spoiled myself.

Check it out;


This adorable cup with gold dots all over it is from Starbucks ♡ i walked in and fell head over heals for it. ($8)


I have been a stress case lately so i bought a colouring book and a day planner to help out! Colouring calms me and keeping a planner lets me soak in what my week has in store. Ps these pencil crayons are the best! (Staedtlen pencil crayons $3,  colouring book $14.99, kate spade day planner $50)
check out more Kate Spade items on their facebook page:


Well i was a leopard for halloween so i figured i should add the ears & tail
(Ears and tail set &12.99, black ears $5)


What girls doesnt need makeup especially after a hard break up its nice to spoil yourself. (Argan oil mascara $8, naked 2 basics pallette $32, sephora face mask $6, sephora eye mask $6, annabell liquid eyeliner $10, fit foundation $12, fit cover up $8, fit concealer stick $8)
shop for your sephora masks here:


Well these are probably the best deal of all. I have no shame going to value village (i just wash it two or three times first) especially when you can buy $150 pants for 6-10$ !!!!!!!
I mean who doesn’t love lululemons!!!


My slippers; so cute, so comfy and especially so warm!
(Walmart $12)


I love caramel macchiattos so why not buy my own caramel sauce and try to recreate them at home in my cute Starbucks mug (syrup $11, mug $12.99)


Okay so i can’t be the only one who’s phone dies at work and you all of a sudden feel lost.
Well i got this beauty at best buy and its probably my favourite new purchase
buy yours here:


My new favourite shampoo and conditioner! Leaves my hair silky and smooth. (Shampoo $17, conditioner free)


This revelon lipgloss is super smooth, it is a gorgeous nude and the brush is awesome. Ps the diamond on top is super  cute ($8)


This olay ribbons body was leaves my skin soft and moisturized! ($5)


Last but certainly not least is this most amazing makeup remover one swipe and your makeup is gone. ($11)
(Stay tuned for a review coming Saturday)

I hope you all loved my haul!

What have you bought lately? Comment below!

If you struggle with stress and anxiety try my tips and tricks you can find them here:
Stay Beautiful xo


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