My ‘Chic’ opinion-Garnier Review

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Today i am doing a review on Garnier makeup removing lotion cleanser.
I mentioned it previously in this post check it out:


I absolutely love this stuff, it is by far the best, gentlest and moisturizing makeup remover i have ever used.

I usually dread taking my makeup off, i always walk away with buring red skin. With this stuff i rub a little all over my face and gentley wipe it off with a soft dry or damp cloth. One wipe cleans my face completely.

It does not leave a film on my face, leaving it smooth and soft.



This is an example, halloween i was wearing cover up, foundation, eye liner all over and glitter one swipe with this makeup remover and it was gone!!!

Seriously :0 shocking right!?

Don’t believe me? I dare you to try it!
If you try it or have tried it, comment below telling me how you liked it!

Stay beautiful Xoxo


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