Christmas holidays

Hello beauties!!!

I hope everyone’s holidays have been filled with love, excitement and all you imagined they would be.

I know mine were, from visiting with family, good laughs with friends and even some gifts I just can’t wait to talk about!

Let’s start with Christmas eve- my dad, mammy, broskee, seestra and I all went to my mammy (step moms) mom’s house for apps’s and quality time! It was filled with laughter, good food and traditional opening of pjs!

After that we went home and my dad and I wrapped my step mom’s gifts together than bedtime!

Christmas morning we woke up early made coffee for my parents and then opened our stockings while waiting for the rest of the morning guests to arrive!
Once they arrive we start opening presents, here are a few if my favourite from
(I am blessed and so lucky. I appreciate all gifts I received)   


VivoSmart watch! In the new year my goal is to start getting healthy! This is how I am going to keep my ass in gear!


I love this mirror, it goes perfectly with the theme of my new room (blog post will be up once everything comes together)


I smacked my brother when I opened these! I am stoked but he shouldn’t have!
They are amazing and make any song just sound amazing.

After everyone opened their gifts my grandma came over and we have breakfast, sat around and chatted.

My Nana and Papa came to get me after lunch (I didn’t want to drive cause I knew it was snowing upisland)

Once I arrived i got to open more family gifts before heading to my step dad parents house for a delicious Christmas dinner!
Here are some things I got from them
(Once again it’s not about the presents I just know I love seeing what other people get and I’ve had people ask)


They got me this awesome fitbit just one more thing to help me on my journey to getting healthy.


Laura Mercier palette! This palette is beautiful, the pigments of the shadows are incomparable! The blush and highlighter are also beautiful! I can’t wait to show some looks off ( will go into further detail in up coming makeup collection post).
The pink sweater was also a gift from mom and step dad! Super comfortable


Bite duo lipstick !!!! um yes please!  They are beautiful colours ( will go into further detail in up coming makeup collection post)

Boxing day we just spent time as a family and Watched Oilers vs Canucks!

Today (December 27) was the first day of my brothers hockey tournament so spent the day in Nanaimo watching hockey.

Now ending the day watching Oilers vs Flames!!! (GO OILERS)

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Comment below what you got for Christmas!

Stay Beautiful xo


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