Looking back on 2015

Hello beauties,

Well I was sitting here talking with a friend about all that has gone on in 2015 and thought to myself “wow, I have been through a lot of change this year”.  Which prompted me to write this blog post, I hope you enjoy and I can not wait to start 2016 with all of you beautiful people!

2015 started off strong and continued to stay strong with a few bumps. I started my blog <3, moved out to Sooke with my then boyfriend, started working with the cruise ships at the pier and met some amazing new people and some people I will call friends for life. I got my license, bought a car, broke up with my then boyfriend and moved back home. All in a year however, I learnt so much from everything I did through the year.


Lets talk about the top 5 highlights of my year:

1: Starting my blog 😀 it has been a journey I am so happy I started!

2: Taking the leap to move out of my comfort zone

3: Leaving a situation that was unhealthy and learning I deserve more

4: Becoming closer to my family and building real relationships

5: Learning to forgive people and ask for forgiveness.


with all highlights come the lows


Lets talk about the top 5 lows of my year:

1: Allowing someone to treat me less than what I deserve

2: Pushing away family and friends when I needed them

3: Giving people more chances than what they deserve

4: Not keeping up with my blog posts as much as I should

5: Becoming a hermit and allowing someone to control me


Now with every year we get new music, new shows and new movies! Lets talk my top 5 favourites of the year!


1: Sam Hunt…. All of Sam Hunt- I can not choose one song

2:  Charlie Puth – Marvin Gaye

3:  Charlie Puth – One call away

4: Thomas Rhett – Die a happy man

5:  Sam Smith – I’m not the only one


1: Pitch perfect 2

2: Sisters

3: Spectre

4: Magic Mike XXL

5:  Krampus



1: Suits season 5

2: White collar season 6

3: Scandal season 5

4: Pretty little liars season 6

5: iZombie season 2


Top 5 facebook photos of 2015


This shows how my year began and ended, just a girl with her first car, succeeding in all she tries, with great friends, family and booze when nothing else works 😉


I hope everyone has had an amazing, successful, triumphant 2015 and I wish all of you everything you dream of in 2016!


Stay Beautiful xo


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