Koffee talk Sunday


I am proud to start this segment off with a special guest,a really close friend of mine and a younique representative!

In her first couple of months of being a representative she has found so much happiness and success! Made yellow in 3 weeks, has pulled off $1000.00 parties, is now on blue.
I am so proud of her and can’t wait to hear all she has to teach!
I’d like to welcome Annette Silvestre back to my blog- if you would like to see some of her previous appearances here please check out this post : https://beautifulchaos2015.wordpress.com/2015/02/26/wrap-it/?preview=true


How long have you been a Younique Makeup Presenter? 

I have been a presenter with Younique for 6 months (since July 2015) & have achieved up to Blue Status so far! I absolutely love what I do because not only is playing with makeup a ton of fun for me; I also watch & help other women succeed at the same time. We are all out to get the same goal; we are constantly throwing around ideas to help each other get to black status! This opportunity has been life changing; you really learn a lot about yourself.

Why did you start with younique? 

I started with Younique because initially I needed to make around another $300-$500 a month to live comfortably & get out of the financial situation we were in. I have been in direct sales for 3 years with a different company but I failed miserably & didn’t really have a solid passion for the health & wellness industry. Younique is different. Being a makeup fanatic since I was 8 was a for sure sign that younique was for me. However Now my goals and my “why” is so much more than that. I’ve had 6 months to realize the potential of this home business opportunity and now that I’m halfway to the top, my why is to be able to purchase a vehicle, stay home with my children, buy a home, quit my routine hospital job & go away to makeup school. I could go on and on about all the things that I WILL accomplish because of younique. (If you believe in yourself, it can happen!) I also feel like I can make a huge Impact on other people’s lives, I do this because I love helping women feel more confident, validating them & showing them that they are enough. The changes I see in these women are truly amazing!

I know younique is mostly known for its 3d fiber lash+ mascara, Can you tell us what other products deserve to be just as well known?

The Younique Touch Liquid Mineral foundation has been a huge hit amongst my clients! This is such a hard item to keep in stock because everyone loves it! It goes on like a liquid, finishes like a powder & Provides full lightweight coverage. I’m seriously in love with this foundation.

A few of our other top sellers have been our stiff upper lip stains & addiction palettes! Gorgeous, highly pigmented shadows are our specialty! You can check out the full range of naturally based, cruelty free & hypoallergenic makeup by heading to my younique website: http://www.theglamourcastle.com feel free to message me or find me on Facebook if you have any questions!

What does the company stand for? 

Younique’s mission is to uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world through high-quality products that encourage both inner and outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment while also providing opportunities for personal growth and financial reward. Every day, hundreds of women experience the excitement of joining a family of like-minded women who inspire them to reach their true potential and achieve the things they’ve always dreamed of in a supportive, safe family environment. From day one of registration, a brand-new Younique Presenter joins the family and is able to immediately start selling the products through her very own, simple, yet feature-rich, e-commerce store. She gets instant access to the Younique Virtual Party System™, her Younique Back Office, and to a wealth of easy-to-reference training material.

I also can’t forget to mention the Younique foundation which an amazing cause that helps women all over the world. The Younique Foundation inspires hope in women who were sexually abused as children or adolescents by hosting them at a retreat, where they are uplifted by each other and learn skills that can help them find individual healing. We educate parents and empower them to protect their children from sexual abuse while leading a public dialogue to bring the epidemic of abuse to light. This is a cause that I can completely stand behind & support 100%.

Why recommend Younique products over other well known products that are less than or even at an equal value?

Quality is key for me and cosmetics. I am a huge makeup junky, so I’m going to be honest and say that not every piece of makeup I own is Younique. However, I have seen and made my own videos comparing the makeup to other brands such as MAC, Sephora, Maybelline etc. I am happy to be able to stand behind the quality of younique cosmetics. I was lucky enough to be able to meet the Cofounder of the company at an Empower you event in Vancouver & I have confidence that younique puts every drop of love and care into their products. Nothing leaves that younique warehouse until the product is perfect. Also, I feel much better personally supporting companies that strive to make safe, naturally based products & supporting a woman with a small business rather than a big box company.

Do you ever find struggles trying to get your family and friends interested?

It’s all about perspective Ladies!!! It’s all about how you think & how you go about your business. If you’re salesy about it on facebook you’ll lose more friends and turn off people more than you will attract them to the goods. People join people, not businesses. So I haven’t really found an issue with that with younique. I love to use the Law of Attraction method to draw attention to the products & business by using my personal experiences. All my photos of me with the products, my videos & support for my team shows my love and passion for the makeup. Sometimes it takes friends and family a while to warm up & act upon the desire of purchasing or joining. After all, Good things take time right? That… and usually they are waiting & watching your every move to see if you’ll get somewhere and are actually earning before they take that jump and try it. (whether it’s the business or the products) so really, you just need to be so awesome that they can’t ignore you!

What advice would you give someone who has tried other Direct Sales (or MLM) companies with no luck?

How is younique different?

I have first-hand experience with this. 3 years ago I had joined a different Direct Sales company with a product I felt I needed at the time. It was a health and wellness company. I feel the reason it didn’t work out was because I didn’t have enough passion for the products. (Also I was just starting in the MLM industry so I found myself to be extremely “sales pitch based” which obviously didn’t work for me. Sure, the product worked amazing but to tell people they need a wellness product is harder than showing ladies the makeup that I love & wear daily. Am I a doctor, No… so explaining a product that I didn’t know the science behind made things a bit tough for me. I stuck with it for two and a half years before I finally made the switch to Younique; which was by far the best decision I’ve ever made! (Within 6 months with younique, I’ve made 5x more than I ever did with the other DS company! I’d say that’s definitely a step in the right direction)

My best advice is to pick a direct sales business you know you will love & won’t get sick of talking about or explaining. People are drawn to personal experiences with the products & seeing your beautiful face with the products you carry. Never be afraid to talk about the things you love if it’s fitness & you workout, cool! If it’s a supplement & you’ve gotten amazing results… work it! If it’s makeup & you love taking selfies, do it up… because you never know until you try. Always, always be a product of the products.

Is it easy to find new people to become interested?

The world is full of people, The great thing about Younique is that it’s a social media based business which means our business model was made to be something you could be successful at by doing online makeup parties. If your interest is to become a younique makeup presenter, let me tell you that parties are your bread and butter (whether it’s a home or online party! Do what works best for you). More than one BILLION people are using Facebook, Which opens opportunities up for a TON of online parties. Here’s WHY parties are your staple. . . Let’s say you do a party for a friend, this opens things up and gets you in front of their friends that they invite to the party. With a successful launch, often it turns out to be a domino effect. Even if the party is a bust and I don’t make money . . . usually I get some glimmer of interest. Maybe it’s another party, maybe it’s a future customer or a possible future team member. Every Party always leads to something positive which always keeps the ball rolling. There’s also ways to actively find people on Instagram & Facebook so you can find new people to network with. I have exclusive training that I only give to my team on how to find new people, where to find them & what to say. Everything is always a work in progress. I’m always doing personal development & keeping myself updated on social media changes. Always keep developing your mind & you’ll never fall short… the more you know, the more you grow!

Does Younique Seem like something you’d enjoy doing? Shoot me a quick message & we can see if this home based business is right for you! I’m so ready to teach you all the tricks & bring you to the top of the company with me!

Find me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annette.sil.9

Instagram: @LippiesLadytalk

Well there you have it beauties, if you have any further questions for Annette be sure to leave a comment below or message her directly on Facebook!

Until next time

Stay Gorgeous. Xo


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