My ‘Chic’ VivoSmart review

Hello beauties,
Welcome to a new segment of


If you keep up with my social media or you read “Christmas Holidays” post (see here: )
Than you know that I got a Vivosmart for Christmas from my Dad & Mammy.
So far I love it, it tracks my sleep, calories, steps while also recieving my reminders, texts, calls and emails!


Best part is you can keep track of your day, week, month or year all from your cell phone!
The Garmin Connect App:


The main page of the app shows your activity, food consumption,calories left, steps and average sleep!


Shows your sleep pattern over the past week.


Shows your daily steps over the past week, the orange are the days you achieved your step goals.
Every day when you achieve your goals the next days step goals go up. 

I think the best part over all is the fact that it is water proof! I can shower with it, go swimming and even do the dishes without worrying about it failing.

I recommend it to anyone thinking about a new smart fit watch. In my opinion it definitely surpass’ the fit bit!


I hope you all enjoyed this review! 

Do you have a smart watch?
Tell me which one!

Stay Beautiful xo


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