What’s in my purse 2016 edition

Hello beauties,
I am excited to bring you another what’s in my purse!!!

First let’s start with the purse 😉


This beauty is from the Phillip Lim line for Target. 
I love it, lots of space, classy & chic, goes with everything! 


My Aldo wallet! This is probably my favourite wallet I have ever bought! Again super classy & chic. I love the gold detailing!


My Kate Spade planner, I know phones now a days have great apps for planners but I am old fashioned in the sense where I love pen and paper!
I don’t know how I would get by with out it.


My IPad!  I love my iPad haha


I have a book in my purse right now because I am at work for a week and decided to start a new book… I haven’t started it yet  haha. 


Deodorant that should be obvious, I have my warm vanilla sugar lotion in my purse as well I love it. Sunglasses cause here in Victoria even though it is winter we still have sun! (Hehe be jealous!) And then of course my gum, lighter (no I don’t smoke) Tylenol and of course my princess roller perfume.


Last stuff in my purse are probably my three favourite things.
My beats headphones that I got from my brother for christmas- he is amazing!
My flash drive thingy that has pdfs for my blog
And my micro SD adapter that takes the photos from my camera or laptop and puts them on my phone. (Vice versa)

Well beauties I hope you all enjoyed my updated what’s in my purse!
Comment below what your favourite thing is you carry in your purse!?

Stay beautiful xo


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