My night routine

Hello Beauties šŸ™‚

Today I am excited to tell you all about my nighty routine!

I see these on YouTube and blogs i follow all the time, I completely love them and they seem to be popular.

Let’s jump in!

First I start by washing my face!
Here are the products (and a little bit about what they do) that I use:


I love this make up remover it is the best one I have ever bought. Not to mention on lazy nights (like after one too many drinks) it works well enough that you don’t have to really worry about the rest of the face routine until the morning time.
Check out my review and an example of how it works here:


My olive face scrub and my Tuscan hills face brush! I love this it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. I have dry skin so this helps exfoliate with out being to rough and lifts all the stuck oil and bacteria from my Pores leaving my face fresh and bright!


I use this mask once a month! I love lush for their natural products and this is by far one of my favourite face masks I habe ever used!
Mask of magnaminty! It is fabulous, I usually throw it on as my last face cleanser before my lotion comes on.


Nivea pure and natural face moisturizer, as I stated above I have dry skin, so this night face cream helps with that (I have a matching morning cream as well) it isn’t oily, doesn’t carry a strong sent and goes on smooth.


This last one is my anti wrinkle eye cream. Yes I am only 24, but you can never start good skin care too soon.
I put a little dab of this around and under my eyes just before I go to sleep!

Once my face routine is done I will usually head down to my room and out pajamas on, grab a book or my iPad and relax in bed.

Just before actually going to sleep I will put my lotion on my arms and legs,turn the lights off, browse social media for a bit and then put some music on to fall asleep to.

What’s your favorite facial cleanser? Comment below.

Stay beautiful xo


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