My ‘Chic’ blogging space

Hello beauties, Welcome to another segment of


Today I am showing you my blogging space!
Hope you all enjoy!


So as you can see from these two pictures I have my laptop, notebook, planner and iPad all there to help me schedule and plan out my posts. 
I have a candle (WINTER from bath and body works) to help keep the area calm and relaxing. I also have my scent warmer with vanilla wax inside it ♡
My mirror cause I also do my make up there.
A photo and of course all my colouring stuff, when I am too stressed out or I have writers block I will just sit there and  colour 🙂
the area isn’t complete yet, it is missing my mirror I received for Christmas (to see that mirror click here:



This cute little plate will also be on my desk just behind my candle, I haven’t decided if I am going to put my rings in it or office supplies.

Any ideas? Comment below

Stay Beautiful xp


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