My 2016 Blog goals

Hello beauties 🙂
Since it has now been a year (yay) of me blogging I decided to do a 2016 goals list for my blog.
Over the next year I hope to not just achieve but slay each and every one of these goals!

1: Take better Photos for my blog
2: Keep consistent on what I post
3: Start vlogging
4: Create more interactions
5: Find ways to bring more people into my blog
6: More beauty posts
7: More intellectual posts
8: Take suggestions on what my beauties want to read about
9: Venture into topics that make me uncomfortable to become more diverse
10: Stay Honest- people gravitate towards honest posts about your life and opinions. I found that this year and I plan on continuing that
11: Pin more of my posts
12: Introduce bloggers that inspire me
13: Not allow what others may think to stop me from writing about what I want to write about
14: Remember it’s not about how many people are following my blog and more about creating a community with the beauties that have followed
15: More giveaways
16: Create a section for my photography
17: Create to do lists monthly and do them
18: Become the blogger I dream to be

Well with these goals I hope to see my blog and myself grow!

I hope you all enjoyed!

Stay Beautiful xo


3 thoughts on “My 2016 Blog goals

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