First Impression- Joe Fresh shadow

Hey beauties 🙂

Today I am going to be doing a first impressions of Joe Fresh mini eyeshadow palettes.

I walked in to Shoppers a couple weeks back and saw these cute little palettes  for a sweet price of $2.50!!! How can anyone pass that up!
Joe Fresh has now bought out Quo so I look forward to seeing what they have to offer starting with these!





Above I swatched a few of the shadows so you can see the pigmentation of them.

My first impression of these shadows; they are cute, compact and easy to travel with however, the pigmentation leaves a little room for improvement. 
They aren’t very strong, they leave a lot of left over shadow around your eyes (where you don’t want it.)

While the idea of having these cute compact shadow boxes to make easy looks (like the cool easy smokey) they don’t come with a easy to follow how to picture like you find with  Maybelline Smokey Cinnamon palette.
With saying that however, tutorials now a days for easy smokey eyes are easily found on YouTube.

You can’t expect a great product though for something that was being sold for $2.50
So with that being said I believe it was worth the purchase alone just to write a first impressions post on it 😉 hehe

If your going to a friends and not sure if she might be dragging you out last minute they are a great “just incase” shadow in your purse however, if you have time to sit down and actually do your make you won’t find me reaching for these!

I give these shadows palettes a


Lots of room for improvement! Come on Joe Fresh show us what you got!

Until next time beauties,
Stay Beautiful xo


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