My ‘Chic’ January Favourites!

Hello Beauties and welcome to another segment of


Today Is all about my favourites through the month of January!


So here we go!!!

* Benefit Lip Balm cha cha balm


I love this lip tint balm. I bought the peach one, it’s subtle, creamy, doesn’t transfer, long lasting, keeps your lips moisturized.

* Naked 2 basics palette


I love the naked palettes,  this basics one is quite possibly my favourite, all the mattes, very neutral tones.

* Rimmel scandal eyes eyeliner


I love this eye liner. I have not found an eyeliner better whether it is a drug store or high end liner.  It goes on smooth, doesn’t smudge, doesn’t crease! (It’s hard to wash off though)

* Tarte Lights action mascara


This is the best mascara I have ever used, I don’t usually wear mascara cause I have naturally long dark lashes but when I do this is the one I choose. It doesn’t clump goes on smooth and doesn’t transfer.

* Elf eye refresh


Everyone’s eyes need a little refresher especially after a night out and this elf product is high end quality for drug store price.

* Olay quench ultra moisture lotion


I have dry skin that is irritated easily by scents and certain lotion however, this moisturizer keeps my skin soft, moisturized, with a fresh scent that last. Olay is soft on sensitive skin

* Burberry “Weekend” perfume


I love this perfume! It’s a fresh scent that lingers long after you spray, it isn’t too strong and smells clean

* Leggings from Fun Fashion


I love these leggings super comf, soft and chic! They pull together any outfit from a comfy work outfit to a night on the town.

* the GoodWife


I wasn’t sure about this show at first but once I decided to give it a try I fell in love!  I am hooked!

* Canva App


This app is amazing!!!! I am so happy I found it. I have some projects coming your way soon and I am using this app to help me with some graphics.

Well comment below telling me what your favourites were this month!

I hope everyone had a wonderful January, I can’t believe it’s already almost February! Wtf.

Until next time
Stay Beautiful xo


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