My 10 year plan

Hello Beauties
Today is a fun one, so many people ask what my future plans are so why not write about them!!!

But first let’s take a look at
Last week’s posts

Okay so my 10 year plan is what keeps my eyes open and happy everyday

1: Own my own Salon
I love everything beauty, it has always been my dream to open up a salon.


2: Own my own house
I love the outdoors feel yet still super classy!



3: Marriage, kids and a photography business.
My entire life I have always wanted the typical family. A husband, 2-4 kids πŸ˜‰ a lovely family I built.

I also always wanted a photography business, I love capturing other people’s happiness!


4: Range Rover!
Self explanatory


5: Christian Louboutin
More of a superficial goal but still. Look at how adorable the mommy and me matching shoes are!!!


6: Wedding ring!


Places like Italy, Germany, Wales…


Well these goals don’t seem like a lot to some people they are everything I have dreamed of in life.

I hope you all enjoy!

What’s part of your ten year goals!?
Comment below!

Stay Beautiful xo


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