My ‘Chic’ Summer 2016 Bucketlist

Hello beauties,
Welcome to another segment of


Well as most of you know the groundhog poked it’s head up and did not see its Shadow!!!
That means Spring is coming early my loves!!!

With Spring comes all its Spring cleaning and one step closer to Summer! I love Summer, my Birthday is in the Summer, tan lines,  beach days, camping and bonfires!

You know what else that means?
It is time for me to post my Summer Bucketlist.  I’ve already started planning so I wanted to let all of you in on what I have planned, Let’s go!
Don’t forget to comment below telling me your big Bucketlist plans for this summer

1: Country thunder festival in Alberta
2: Sunfest
3: Camping
4: Weekly lake days
5: Road trip with my Man
6: Tan
7: Friends, bonfire and drinks every weekend
8: DIY summer projects
9: Photoshoot with my best friend and/or my boyfriend
10: Create a Summer Playlist
11: Photo a day the entire Summer
12: Create a memories album
13: Plan a huge birthday party
14: Butterfly gardens
15: Butchart Gardens
16: Volunteer somewhere
17: Go to every fair in Victoria
18: Try something bold
19: Spontaneous
20: Day trip to Vancouver
21: Get another Tattoo
22: Try Surfing
23: Go skydiving
24: Learn to ride a bike 😉
25: Take a dance class

I can not wait for the summer time!!!

I hope you all enjoyed my Bucketlist

Stay Beautiful xo


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