Kawfee Talk Sunday #2

Hello beauties,

Welcome to the second Kawfee talk Sunday 🙂

Today’s post is about FOOTBALL



Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos

(Go Broncos)

I have never been a huge football fan… Today that changed!

It is so much fun to get together with friends and family, some drinks and see amazing food!
Hello football shaped appies, easy and delicious finger food and brownies!!!
Bonus: Hello nice bums!

It started off slow, wasn’t sure of the rules, plays and which team was what. I left a Denver Broncos lover! Glad Peyton Manning got this win!
They played well, as a team and made some awesome plays.
As did the Panthers. 

Lady Gaga was probably the most amazing choice to sing the anthem, instant goosebumps over our entire bodies.

The half time show was probably the best part of the entire production, Coldplay + Bruno Mars + Beyonce=
It looks like it would be a show of a life Time, the cute band kids getting to dance up there with them,the wicked colour changing station.


Even the men in Afghanistan got to take a break and enjoy the game… ♡

We watched the game with some newbies and some veterans all of which loved to yell at the TV. 

Did you watch the football game? Are you happy with the outcome!?
I can not wait to watch next year!
Next is the Stanley Cup! Hockey is my favourite!

Until next time my loves
Stay Beautiful xo


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