My ‘Chic’ review

Hello beauties and welcome to another segment of


So beauties, if you are like me you love big eyelashes and a sleek black liner to make your eyes pop!!!

Well today’s review is all about Rimmels scandal eyes! Mascara and liner!

These products are life!!!

Let start with the Mascara
It doesn’t clump, it’s smooth and applies easily. The only problem I found is it is very hard to wash off!
That’s not a problem on weekends though two days worth of mascara and your eyes are still looking sharp and gorgeous.



Now on to the Liner
It is super pigmented, smooth, no smudge again it easily washed off.
I love this liner, I have never used one as fabulous as this. It is my holy grail of eye products!
Just a little slip of liner and it pulls you out of that Monday Morning funk!

I give these both


I hope you enjoy! Now go out and buy it for yourself!

Until next time
Stay Beautiful xo


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