Special post- Tonight’s gourmet Dinner

Hello beauties,
I am currently cooking for the family i nanny for and thoughr i would share one of my favourite meals.
Tonight I am making:
roasted garlic rosemary parmesean Potatoes- and marinated pork chops and steamed honey dill carrots



For the potatoes I used:
fresh rosemary,
3 fresh garlic cloves minced
3 tbsp of Parmesean.
Add thinly sliced onion
(Bake at 300• for 90 mins)

For the marinated pork chops I used:
2 tbsp of worchesteshire sauce,
2 tbsp of brown sugar,
2 tbsp of ketchup,
4 tbsp of siracha,
1 tbsp of soy sauce,
2 tbsp veggtable oil,
1 tsp of lemon juice
Add thinly sliced onions
(Bake at 400• for 90 mins)

For the Carrots:
4 tbsp of dill
2 tbsp of honey
(Steam for 20 mins)

I hope you beauties enjoyed today’s bonus post as much as the family I cooked for enjoyed their dinner 😉

Stay beautiful xo


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