A little truth

Hey beauties.

Today’s post is a little ranty so please forgive me ahead of time.

Time for a moment if honesty.

I am sorry if this post offends anyone it is not written to be offensive but I am personally pissed off about this. I have seen it all around me.

Your man cheats on you and you blame the girl… or the people around you who knew but didn’t know how to tell you… or the person who did tell you.

Let’s start with the woman ( or women)  he cheated on you with… if she didn’t know how can you blame her! Men aren’t always honest hello he cheated on you!
I received a message from a lady this week getting mad at me for talking to her husband (who also happened to be an older friend of mine)… he was asking for sexual stuff but I have a boyfriend so I responded with such and he kept it going so I ignored when saying no was no longer being listened to.
First of all I didn’t even now he had a girlfriend let alone a wife…
Second if me telling him basically to f!ck off is me cheating with your husband give your head a shake.
Women all around need to stop blaming each other and make the man take some responsibility for what he has done, stop making excuses for him and hold him liable.

Next let’s talk about the people who knew but didn’t tell you, I also know a couple cases where this happened dear to my heart. It ruined a lot of good friendships and relationships even with people not involved.  It’s hard when you love both people, having to choose is really hard especially if they are family or friends as close as family. It sucks because then people lie and other people get hurt. People who aren’t even involved get blamed because they are an easy scapegoat it doesn’t matter if they are the most loving people and have helped you through a lot they are the people you decide should pay even though your spouse is the one doing all the dirty work… lying, cheating, misleading, manipulating and ruining lives. 

Point here while it may be all over the place is take a look deep inside, put yourself in these people’s shoes and then hold the liar and cheater responsible for what they have caused

Stay beautiful my loves xo


2 thoughts on “A little truth

  1. You are absolutely right! Sometimes you even see the person who was cheated on blame themselves and doing that is just as absurd as pointing fingers in the wrong direction.


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