My ‘Chic’ Style Must Haves

Hello beauties,

Welcome to another segment IMG_6186_wm

Today’s post is all about style must haves

Style Must Haves


  • Scarves

I love scarves, they are a staple to any outfit summer, fall or winter

  • Cell phone

I can not go anywhere without my phone, from emails to staying in touch with my blog it is my life

  • Purse

I always have a new purse, they pull together even the comfiest of outfits to the most chic

  • Jeans

These LA Jeans are amazing, comfy and make anyones butt look great

  • Tank

Tanks are great, especially here in Victoria because the weather is so unpredictable

  • Sweater

I love the loose neck sweaters they are comfy and chic

  • Boots

Boots are my thing!!! you can wear them with jeans or legging and they are comfy as hell


Stay beautiful my lovelies xo




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