Special Guest- Summer D

Hello Beauties 😀

Today I have a gorgeous friend here with me;

She is a blogger, talented makeup artist and one of my best friends.

So lets get started !!!

Welcome Summer D



What made you decide to become a makeup artist?

I have always had a passion for the art behind makeup artistry and hated the way society has made it look. There are a lot of people out there that think that makeup is used to hide imperfections, I want to change that. I want people to use it to enhance their beauty.

What will you specialize in?

I want to specialize in weddings and special events such as prom, but I’ll be able to do pretty much anything from bridal to special effects.

Favourite part?

My favourite part right now is just learning everything I possibly can. Tho my most favourite part of class was the glamour section, was always using glitter.

Can you tell us your favourite product & brand?

This is a hard one. I literally love everything. MAC is one of my personal favourites. Their double wear foundation is bae. Stila’s new liquid stay all day lipstick is fabulous as well. I have an opinion on everything but at the end of the day I love it the most.

What’s the biggest mistake people make when it comes to makeup?

I think the biggest mistake I’ve come to notice is foundation matching. I see a lot of people that try but I feel everyone can use a tip.. Not everyone can pull of winged liner.

What’s a look you hope goes out of style?

The cream contour videos that gets every girls hopes up. Those videos are great, but if you don’t use the right products, you will not get the same look.

What look would you like to see come back?

There is nothing that I miss. Although I learnt a bunch of decade makeup, and I want sheer foundation to make an appearance, forget the matte and rock your own beauty ladies.

Do you always wear makeup?

Pretty much everyday. I have a no makeup makeup look. It’s simple sweet but still feel like my face is on. I feel pretty much incomplete without my makeup on.

Best face Cleanser?

Never ever sleep in your makeup ladies, unless you want to wrinkle fast. The cleanser I use is by Marcelle. It’s not the best but I’m super sensitive and have had no issues with it. The La Roche Posay milk cleanser is amazing tho.

What do you plan on doing after you graduate?

When I graduate I hope to be found working for MAC and doing free lance makeup artistry for weddings and even a girls night out. Any kind of occasions and photos shoots.

Have you always wanted to be a makeup artist?

I didn’t find my love for the industry until I was about 19.. I was one of those kids growing up that wanted to do everything. I didn’t use makeup until I was 18, so I never considered it but it’s been one of the best choices I’ve made.

Do you have any plans to take any other courses?

The only other course I want to take is an air brush course as well as the lash extension course.

What are your thoughts on creating a YouTube channel?

I want to create one but I am super awkward, as well as I have bad vision so I would have to do a partner channel with someone that would let me use their face when doing tutorials.

What makes you different than other makeup artists?

I’m not going to say how I’m better than others cause every artist has his or her own talent. I think the thing that separates me from others is that I’m outgoing as well as understanding of situations. I want to be able to charge affordable prices for people that think “oh I’ll never be able to afford to get my makeup done professionally” I want to be that person to do it for you. I’ll even do house calls for those with kids that cant get away.

What kind of brushes do you use?

I use a wide variety of brushes. A few brands I have are quo, MAC, Sephora, and ecotools.

Recommend the beauty blender? Any good dupes?

A beauty blender is a must! Everyone should have them. They make life 100 times easier. The ones I currently have I got off wish and they are amazing.

What foundation would you recommend for oil, dry or normal skin? Is there one product that is a holy grail for all skin types?

There isn’t one product that all skin types can use. And I can’t recommend products for skin types cause everyone’s skin is different. I have normal to oily (I know it sucks) and have friends that are the same and some products I swear by others hate. So it’s a trial and error with that one.

What is your go to makeup everyday?

My everyday makeup usually consists of a strong contour, winged liner, an intense brow and a bold lip.

What can’t you leave the house without?

The one thing that’s always in my purse is blotting papers. I use setting spray so my makeup stays in place for atleast the amount of time I’m going out for. But my blotting papers are important.

Is there a certain makeup you can’t go out without always having on?

The only thing that I use that’s the same every day is my mascara. It’s smash box full exposure mascara. I swear by it. I will never change it.

Who is your inspiration?

My inspiration to follow my dreams and become a makeup artist would be my son. I had him at 16 and went with adoption when I had him, promising that I would follow my dreams and have the life I wanted to have before I had babies, as well as giving him a better life then I could give him.

What make up artist has helped you in vision your career?

There isn’t one artist in particular that helps me envision where I want my career to go, I just have a few artists that I follow. Like Jeffree star, no just Henry and Chrisspy to name a few.

Earlier we talked about your favourite makeup brand, what is your least favourite?

My least favourite. That’s a tough one, I don’t have a brand that I don’t like I just have products from a few lines that I don’t like. I am not a huge fan of the chocolate pallet, a big reason being I am sensitive and found that the scent bothered my eyes and tho the colours where nice they aren’t as bright as I would like.

How do you feel about companies like Avon and younique?

I’ve never used Avon so I’m pretty neutral to it. As for younique I can’t stand it. I’ve used the mascara and it had SO much fall out. I was going to try other products but was informed they don’t do samples, I will not pay for something that I’m not sure I’ll love. I want to know I’ll love it before I pay the money for it.

Any advice for people thinking of joining the makeup industry?

If you can’t take criticism and be surrounded by drama at all times, it’s not for you. BUT if your anything like me and get by life flying under the radar so the drama cant get you, you will love it. If you have a passion for it follow it.

What’s the importance of a face cleanser brush?

I don’t use one so I can’t tell you. My night routine is to cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize.

Best primer?

Well I don’t have a favourite cause I haven’t found one yet but the bennifit porefessional is amazing. They just came out with a matte gel primer that I am going to buy cause I’ve used it and liked it but need to try it a few more times.

If you could use only one makeup brush for the rest of your life for your entire face what brush would it be?

It wouldn’t be a brush. It would be a beauty blender for sure. A blender can be used for so much stuff whether that be applying foundation, or powder it will work.

If you had to use only one product on your entire face to make a look what would you choose? Check out Kat von D’s here : Kat Von D one product look

I wouldn’t be able to use only one product to make an entire makeup look. It wouldn’t be possible.

Subtle or dramatic?

It totally depends on my day but I normally go for a more dramatic look.

What do you think about chest contouring?

It’s stupid to be completely honest. There really is no point to it. It’s the same as the people that do it on their collar bones. The way my teacher put it is “we contour to add shadows and highlight, boobs are meant to be shadowed or highlighted.”

What’s your opinion on men in the beauty industry?

I love everyone in the industry. The men are just great, they have such an eye for it, some of my fav artists are make.

Number one tip?

Eyebrows are sisters not twins.

What would you like everyone to know about you?

The number one thing that people should know about me is that I am out spoken and opinionated. So if someone was to come to me and ask me to do a look that won’t suit them I will tell them, but I will change it to be a look similar that will make you look bomb af.

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Stay Beautiful xo



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