My ‘Chic’ dreams

Good Morning beauties and welcome to another segment of IMG_6186_wm

Today’s post is all about dreams, making them come true and reminding myself that if they don’t come true that I am still human and I will always be able to work on making my dreams come true.



Ever since I was younger I knew I loved to write, connect with people and wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.

In elementary school I dreamed of ways to escape everyday, in middle school I wrote poetry and short stories, in high school I wrote a journal and now here I am with my own blog sharing my work!

whether it be about makeup, my weekend or a rant I love to write. I love the fact that I have a portal to connect with people next door and around the world!

I have dreams; like writing a book, growing my blog and helping people all over!

Helping people: I work every day at trying to be the best person I can be, kind to the people I meet, loving to the people I know and open to those who want to know me. One day I hope to be able to help those in my community in need, the ones with drug problems, teens with problems at home and those with disabilities!

Blog: I put my effort and love in to this blog not because I want people to follow it or make money off of it but simply because I love it, it makes me happy. When I’m having a hard day I will just start writing posts and sometimes those posts are some of my best work. It relaxes me and allows me to remember I am good at something, on those days I forget. It’s a bonus that I get to meet new people and connect around the world!

Write a book: I love to write! I write everyday, brainstorm ideas and listen to advice from others on how, what and why I should and want to write a book.
A kids book? A self help book? Fiction? Non-fiction? One day I will make the dream come true…for now I plan.

What dreams do you have? How do you plan on accomplishing them?

Stay beautiful xo


2 thoughts on “My ‘Chic’ dreams

  1. Congrats on the wonderful and well-deserved stats!! I know that is not what we aim for, but it does give us a boost of encouragement to see it:) Keep up your goal of writing a book!! I would love to read it:)


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