Hello Beauties,

If you follow me on Instagram( Beautifulchaos2015 ) or snapchat (k.m3) then you know I know work for Delta (yay me, its a great job)

I have enjoyed every second of it, the people I have met and new fiends I have made. Its an experience from the training to the job itself it has been exhausting and thrilling and I have loved every second of it!!!


Delta is an amazing company filled with even more amazing employees!!!

Here are some pictures from the first week here at YYJ

we fly from Victoria to Seattle three times a day (and from Seattle you can fly anywhere!) So when you plan your next trip think Delta!!!

Among Delta there are some other updates in my life,

I am working at Wilsons again this year doing the Cruise ship shuttle! super excited, i had a lot of fun last year doing it so i can not wait for the season to start again!

I am also currently on the look out for a new car, because while i love my white beast it is falling apart and it is a gas guzzler!

I have been failing on the blog front lately but I promise I will start posting regularly again soon! just trying to figure out my schedule and create a new sleeping pattern.


Until next time i hope you all have a wonderful day

Stay Beautiful xo


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