Wedding talk 

Good morning beauties 🙂 

Today is my first post about my wedding planning! 

I know- planning already! I have a year! 

I used to think that until I actually took a look at how much there is to think about, plan and do! 

First you have to embrace the fact that now your engaged! That handsome man on my arm is now the man I will spend the rest of my life with and I can not wait! 

Next you pick a date: June 17, 2017

Next you have to decide who you want beside you, in front of you and with you on that special day! 

I am lucky to have such wonderful friends and family that my choices weren’t hard! 

Among with some other gorgeous faces these lovely ladies will help shape the events leading up to and on my big day! 

After that was the fun part: Venues! 

We only had to look at two places for me to fall completely in love with one venue- it goes right with my theme: country 

It has been fun planning and looking sheesh I even have the bridesmaid dresses picked out

I found this on Filly flair it is so gorgeous and I fell Inlove with it instantly! 

Of course I wouldn’t be able to sit here and be so sane if I didn’t have the help, wisdom and strength behind me from my mom 

I am so excited to continue the planning and blogging more about it!!!! 

I think the next plan is invitations!!!!! 

So keep an eye out for some awesome posts coming soon!!!!


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