Vancouver πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Hello beauties!!!

This past weekend we went to Vancouver with some friends! It was a great trip; from the pre dinner the night before on my friends birthday to the crap hotel I booked (that turned out to not be so bad!) drinks and science world! 

Over all we crammed so much in to a day and a half that by the time we got on the 9pm ferry we all were exhausted! 

Friday night we took the ferry over to Vancouver settled in to our hotel room at the Tropicana hotel and then became tourists checking out the shops hello Forever 21 (that were open) and hitting up a great pub! After the pub we strolled back to the hotel…almost stopped for hot dogs….didnt….regretted it almost immediately!

Saturday morning we started off early (did you know Vancouver doesn’t open till 10 am?! No? Us either!) we went for breakfast at the Bellagio restaurant it was really good! After breakfast we headed to Victoria Secret!!! It was my first time there! It was amazing!  πŸ‘ πŸ’‹πŸ˜

Saturday afternoon we stopped shopping and decided to go to Science world it was the first time B had been there and I had not been there for a long time! It was great especially cause it was Brits favourite place (my secret geek of a best friend)!!! 

After science world we went to ikea it like the rest of the trip was pretty amazing! B got stuff for the house and Brit checked out some gorgeous bedroom sets!!! After that we headed to the river house restaurant in Delta for dinner before heading to the ferry to have ice cream play cards and head home! 

Over all it was a great trip with some great people!!! β™‘ 

Stay beautiful xo


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