Fall Favourites 

Good morning lovely people!!! 

Today I want to talk about some of my fall favourites 

Let’s start with these candles from bath and body works! Oh my lord they smell delicious, my entire house smells like spices and flannel ahaha. 

Next is that gorgeous ring from Bella’s yard : I absolutely love it! I also got my bridesmaids bracelets from there and they are stunning I can’t wait to share those with you all! 

Next are my greens, I can’t go a day without taking my Itworks greens they energize me and I have stopped drinking coffee like it’s water. I have one a day, if that 🙂 they give me 33% of my daily intake of vegetables and fruit!!! Check my site out It works with Kimberli

Next thing I want to mention is my new hair texture cream, it smells like strawberries and cream, makes my hair so soft and the fly always are at bay! 

I got my nails done the other day by a lovely lady at Nail District they are gorgeous and probably my favourite set this fall! I also got my bath bombs there, I am so excited to try them out!!! As well as the selfie sun tan lotion-woot

My Lululemon gloves to keep me warm outside and at work! 

Last but not least I am so excited to try out the new cranberry orange beer that Phillips just launched for the winter!!! 

I hope you all have a wonderful day

Stay beautiful xo


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