What in my purse! 

Well it’s that time again 🙂 

What’s in my purse 🙌🏻😍

Lets first start by talking about the gorgeous purse. It’s from Charming Charlie, I love the gold detailing on it. It is super classy and can really be used for anything! But lets talk about what’s in side now 🙂 

So first I want to share all my work stuff, so I always have a planner in my purse I love being able to write down my schedule and be able to go back and quickly find it. I also have a notebook so that I can keep notes, write down my goals for the month, write down my “why” and really be able to work from anywhere. My iPad is also an essential, I like being able to know I can attend zoom meetings wherever I am! I can also throw online parties from anywhere at anytime with my iPad! 

While we are on the subject of work, I also always have these in my purse. Wraps to sell to people who are curious. Greens for myself- I live for this stuff. My lip and eye cream I apply it every day and need to make sure that if I am not home I am able to. My vitamins. And of course my favourite WOW which hides my under eye bags! If you are interested in seeing more check out My shop ! 

Hahaha this is probably m favourite part I have some of the most random stuff in my purse. My sunglasses for those warm sunny days and my gloves for those cold days! My phone charger which i need on those long days of work! 

My bandaids haha i hurt myself more than I am proud to admit :/ my cuticle oil and peppermint itworks lotion are musts with this cold weather and my poor hands! Alien perfume (my absolute favourite perfume). My burts bees lipstick and lip chap!!!! Mini already pasted toothbrushes for those coffee infused days! Listerine strips for those last minute meetings. My mirror. My eyeliner for those tired days and of course my gorgeous, classy diamond pen

I love this so much I also decided to share what’s in my wallet! 

I have a gorgeous black and gold detailed wallet from Ralph Lauren!

Of course I have my debit cards and credit card! My license and ID! (I left the cards in for privacy reasons !) 

But I also have some fun cards in my wallet 🙂 my Starbucks gold card 💳 my sephora card and of course my favourite card of all! MY COSTCO card! I also have two movie vouchers! Yes! Lol date nights here we come! 
I hope you all have a great Wednesday!  I’m off to enjoy my new diffuser! 

If you want a review on my defuser comment below! 

Xo stay beautiful xo 😘 


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