Post makeup routine

Good afternoon beauties! 

Do you ever find out a secret that is just way to good not to share!!? 

Well I just found a skin routine that I couldn’t help but share with all of you! 

So everyday I do my makeup, go out and explore the world then come home at night to wipe it all off and repeat the next day! 

Up until recently the taking it off part was some of the most treacherous part! That is until I found the Itworks cleanser! 

This stuff is seriously amazing! Not only does it wipe off all of my makeup (including as you read above me waterproof mascara) it also helps cleanse my pores, softens my skin all while helping the over all look of my skin! 

Seriously amazing 🙌🏻 

I have never really had bad skin but this cleanser has only made it better! 

Of course I like to pair it with some other skin products! After I’m done cleansing I like to spray the itworks toner on my entire face! I seriously love this stuff too! It has helped with the over all colour in my face! 

After that has dried I take my lip and eye cream and gently rub it under and around the sides of my eyes as well as my mouth and lips! I have noticed a wonderful difference in my undereye bags and the fine lines around my mouth! I am hoping that I will soon notice some lucious plump lips too 😘

Once that dries I take my facial moisturizer and apply it all over with a cotton pad! This moisturizer helps with tightening my skin as well and putting some moisture back in. 

I hope y’all really enjoyed my skin care routine if you want to see a make up routine of comment below and let me know!!!

Until next time

Stay beautiful 


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