Top 6 youtube beauty gurus 

Good morning gorgeous people! 

Today I am going to be talking about my top 6 favourite beauty gurus on YouTube!

1) Jaclyn Hill 

This gorgeous lady is seriously talented, gorgeous and so funny! She might be an acquired taste however, I absolutely adore her! Her makeup tutorials are easy to follow and gorgeous. They are meant for anyone! She hasn’t steered me wrong on products yet!

2) Megan Leigh 

Formally known as Ciaoobelllaxo. She is sweet, talented and her makeup tutorials are amazing! While she isn’t as passionate about her makeup channel as she used to be I still really enjoy watching her older videos as well as her vlog channel.

3) Tati

Tati is one of the first youtubers along with Jaclyn hill and Megan Leigh that I started watching! I was obsessed with her wedding series and now that I’m planning my own wedding I appreciate it that much more!

4) Brye Ashley 

I love Brye, she is so honest and inspiring! I love the fact that she will straight up swear and tell you her honest opions! You know she’s always being honest and I love her! Plus hello gorgeous!

5) Kristen Kaye 

Along with Brye Ashley, I love how down to earth Kristen is! Her makeup looks and reviews are on point! Besides being gorgeous she also has my dream job at sephora lol 😘

6) Kelly Strack 

Last but certainly not least Kelly is a newer YouTube channel I found! I was looking for wedding inspired looks and I found her! She’s gorgeous and her tutorials are easy to follow! She is also down to earth and super sweet!
I hope you all enjoyed this post! 

Check out these gorgeous ladies and comment below who your favourite YouTube beauty guru is! 

Stay beautiful xox


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