What’s been going on? 

Hey lovelies! 

It’s been awhile! 

So much has happened in the past two months 😮

  • Nail tech and waxing course 
  • Moving 
  • Bought a new car 
  • Got a new job 
  • Quit itworks 
  • Fell in love with yoga and essential oils 
  • And so much more…. 

It has been a busy two months and I would not change any of it. 

I started off by opening a door to my new career of nails! Let me tell you it’s been a dream since I could Remember and now I’m living it!!!!!

We moved into a new place and while the commute to work isn’t my favourite I love the neighbourhood ❤️ 
We bought a new car – for our new upcoming adventures (Tofino, Banff and more) 

….this coming weekend is my bachelorette party in Tofino with some of my favourite girls. I can’t wait to take photos and share them with all of you. Yoga on the beach, wakeboarding, visiting the gems of Tofino, drinks and board games!

I feel unstoppable these past couple of months! I am living the life of my dreams. I have an amazing support system, great friends and I’m marring the man of my dreams! We live a privileged life and I’m blessed and thankful! 

I am so excited to be back at this blog! It’s a new beginning and I am so excited! 

Until next time 

Stay Beautiful xox


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