Bachelorette in Tofino ❤️

Hey beauties, this past weekend a few of my girlfriends and I headed up to Tofino for a few nights for my bachelorette! 

It was a great time! The resort is gorgeous and right on Mckenzie beach 🌊 

(Not my photos^) 

We arrived on Friday and got straight in to the drinks and hot tub! It was a great way to wind down! 

These girls are my rocks! They made sure my weekend was great and stressfree! As we get older it’s harder and harder to spend time with just your girls, but a girls trip is a great way to remind yourself that even with your busy life and partners you still need your girls! 

The beach was gorgeous. if anyone knows Vancouver islands weather… well Tofino is like it’s own space, the weather is unpredictable and can go from sunny to pouring down rain in all of two seconds! 

The sand on the beach though made it feel as if you were in some tropical place! 
Crystal cove was amazing, the cabins are quaint and stocked with everything your going to need. They leave you a bottle of wine and chocolates. If you have a pet they give you everything your going to need for them. Best of all there was a Starbucks in the office building ahaha. So even in Tofino I could get my caramel macchiato! 

All in all the girls and I had a fabulous time, we bonded, spent a lot of quality time in the hot tub and really just unwinded 😘
I can not wait to go back with my future husband and maybe some of the girls even 😂😘🌊
Until next time stay gorgeous 


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