2 weeks away! 

Hello beauties! 

The wedding day is only 11 days away! (Oh my) 👰🏻 🤵🏼 we are so excited yes I believe we are nervous too! (Atleast I am) ! 

There is so much to do for a wedding that I never even thought about ! (I’ll be writing a blog post all about it after the honeymoon!) 

I have the greatest support system making sure this day goes perfectly. My mom and dad, their friends and my bridal party (especially my maid of honour!) 

This weekend we planned out what the flowers are going to look like! Oh my are they beautiful! (I’ll share the bridesmaid bouquet but the maid of honour and bride bouquet will have to wait ) 

I am so in love 😍
I am so grateful for everyone and what they have done! I’m already a stressed cranky mess I can’t believe what I’d be like without them! Mostly my mom! 

But of course I am super grateful for my hubby to be! He is the sweetest, kindest, most charming man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and the honour of falling in love with! 

Like seriously how adorable am I . Just kiddin! 

But seriously I am so excited for the big day to finally be here and to celebrate with our family and friends. 

This is the summer to remember 



Lets do this! 

Okay stay tuned for wedding sneak peaks, advice and what not to do if your planning your own wedding! 

More posts coming soon! 


Stay beautiful 


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