Nail industry tag! 

Hello beauties ! 

I was watching one of my favourite youtubers/nail techs today and saw her and another one of my top favourites did a nail tag together! So I figured why not participate! 

Check out their pages

I have wanted to do the nail course since I was in high school and four months ago I finally took it and I am not only proud of myself but grateful I had the chance! 

Alright lets jump in! 

1. How long have you been in the nail industry and what inspired you to be a part of it?

I have only been a nail tech for 4 months but have been inspired to be one for the past ten years. I have always been in love with the beauty industry 

2. Have you ever wanted to give up and what made you change your mind (any advice to those who struggle)?

No I haven’t wanted to give up however, again I have only been doing it for four months! It’s been my dream though so I am not sure I ever will! My advice to those who might be struggling with that- remember why you started! Follow your passion! 

3. What part of doing nails has been the biggest struggle to master for you and what has been your strongest point? 

My biggest struggle so far has been trying to master french nails. My strongest point I would have to say is how quickly I adapted to shaping! 

4. Who is your biggest inspiration in the nail industry and why/how do they inspire you?

I would have to say my teacher Suzie has been my biggest inspiration!!! I have been following her for years and love her work! But I also love her she is just one of the nicest, genuine and brilliant women I have Met! 

Check out Suzie’s YouTube here

5. What’s your least favourite color
and peice of art to use and your most favourite?  

My least favourite colour to work with is black! It is really hard to work around the edges/cuticle area. My least favourite piece of art to work with is dried flowers. My favourite colour would be any pastel! My favourite piece of art is striping tape or crystals! So beautiful 😍 

6. How has using social media helped you in all these years ?

Social media has been wonderful over these past four months it has helped me connect with my clients and potential clients! I also get to connect with other specialists in the beauty industry! 

7. What is one nail art skill you’ve seen others do that you could master yourself that you currently feel you can’t do?

French or flower inlays

8. Starting today money and educations not an issue: if you had to stop doing nails what would you want to do instead?

I would want to stay in the beauty industry probably something with lashes…. although I may do that anyway! 

That or be a realtor. Lol

9. What do you think the next big trend in nail art would be? (Something
we haven’t seen yet)

The next big nail trend- who knows ….. 

Jam nails – instead of a flower inlay or aquarium nails have jam in them… 

ridiculous hahaha 

10. What are some of your nail goals you have set for yourself for this year?

Some of my nail goals over the next year 

  • Work mostly doing nails
  • Master what I feel weak at now 
  • Further education 
  • Take a lash extension course
  • Lash lift and tinting course 
  • Bikini wax course

BONUS question: why do you think nails is the bottom of the barrel? Everyone is willing to pay 100$ for a full set of lashes but gasps
when nails cost more then 60 why?

I believe it’s because as nail techs we don’t believe in ourselves enough to charge What we are worth. I don’t think we really think about all that goes in to it.  Cost of product, time, therapy hours 😉 

Really there is so much to a set of nails that I feel as a tech I shouldn’t be charging more than $60 unless they are perfect and no ones perfect. It’s a never ending battle with yourself . 

As a client you know that! Even if a few of us start charging what they are worth clients will leave to go to a different cheaper tech – where lash techs mostly charge the same. 

Are you a nail tech? Lets hear your answers!
Until next time 

Stay beautiful xoxo


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