My favourite Nail products & accessories

Hello beauties, 

We recently moved into a new house! Best part this house has the perfect room for a great nail room! I plan on doing a full nail room tour… so for now here’s a sneak peak:

Desk set up 😍! 

Bath and body works candles are my favourite so having them set up in my office was an obvious must!

While printing off wedding photos the other day I found this cute frame with the perfect quote in it and I knew it was perfect for the office! 

Okay now some of my product favourites!

The Ugly duckling gel polishes & gel top coat are some of the best I have used.  Along with my ugly duckling gel brush and crystal blinger. 

The Light elegance 100/150 nail files and the ugly duckling coarse nail files are two of my favourite files out there. I feel they actually help shape and file without pressure. Where as a lot of other files I’ve tried aren’t as nice. 

Enailcouture  sparkles so gorgeous!!! And you can use them as a textured sparkle or put the top coat over top for a smooth feeling. The cuticle oil smells like pineapples 🍍 which speaks for itself! 

 Light elegance gel polishes are also right up there with the ugly duckling they are creamy and go on very smooth. 

My stamping plates are from Bundle monster !  They have some awesome collections and designs! 

Of course my Swarovski crystals, unicorn skin and unicorn chrome from Beauty Big Bang . 

I have more art stuff on its way from amazon, eBay and other online shops, so once it all gets here I will do a nail haul. With pricing and where I got it all from. 

Oh I almost forgot to tell you about the marshmallow hand and cuticle scrub by Deborah Lippmann (C$33)! I got it from Sephora ! This makes your hands feel like you just had a spa experience!  I also have the Deborah Lippmann cuticle remover (C$23) and it works like a hot damn! 

Last but not least, I also love this st. Ives lotion! I make sure to put it on before and after each nail client to make sure my hands stay soft and moisturizers through the day! 

Stay gorgeous 

See you next time 😘


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