Our Wedding 

Some of our photos and our experience!!!

Here are some of my favourite photos of our day! 

It was such an amazing gorgeous day! 

It would not have been as amazing if it wasn’t for my mom and dad! They really did an amazing job setting it all up. 

Of course my husband made it so special he was so nervous and so cute. I was good until my dog was about to give me away… I think in that moment it all became so real! I was scared, I looked at dad and said okay I changed my mind take me back to the tent… he didn’t… lol and I am so happy he didn’t ! 

I was so happy so many members of our family and our friends made it! I was blessed! 

Unfortunately there was some negative points with our photography but that’s okay I got some gorgeous photos and I am happy. 
I think the funniest parts were 

-when my dad told me I chose way to long. Of a song ahaha

– when I was waiting for Brandon to come and help me cut the cake- the photos are just hilarious. 
Being married these past four months have been crazy and amazing! I wouldn’t trade my hubby for anything… except maybe my dog… I really love her more 😘😂😏😘
I will talk to you all soon 

Stay beautiful xo



Hello beauties ! 

Some updates 🙂 

We have been married for four months and I am still having a hard time believing it! 

I am so lucky to be married to the most amazing man that has come in to my life. 

He knows how crazy I am and still loves me! 

He is truly the love of my life and I am so blessed! 

These past two years have been amazing my life went from hell where I thought about why am I even here to this amazing life I am living now! 

I have been a nail tech for 7 months now and I am so grateful for my hubby because I wouldn’t have been here if it weren’t for him! 

I love being a nail tech! 
I also just recently found a new passion! And that is makeup! Thanks to the company senegence I have fallen in love with lipsense! It is a long lasting lipstick that doesn’t fade, smudge , transfer or anything it is even kiss proof 😮 hehe. It last from 4-18 hours and I may trade my husband in for more colours ahah. 

Next in line after my husband… maybe even before my husband shhh 🤐 is my dog Phoenix ❤️❤️❤️ she has been an absolute addition to our lives! 

I can’t wait to get back into writing blogs more. 

Until the next post stay beautiful 😍❤️😘