Our Wedding 

Some of our photos and our experience!!!

Here are some of my favourite photos of our day! 

It was such an amazing gorgeous day! 

It would not have been as amazing if it wasn’t for my mom and dad! They really did an amazing job setting it all up. 

Of course my husband made it so special he was so nervous and so cute. I was good until my dog was about to give me away… I think in that moment it all became so real! I was scared, I looked at dad and said okay I changed my mind take me back to the tent… he didn’t… lol and I am so happy he didn’t ! 

I was so happy so many members of our family and our friends made it! I was blessed! 

Unfortunately there was some negative points with our photography but that’s okay I got some gorgeous photos and I am happy. 
I think the funniest parts were 

-when my dad told me I chose way to long. Of a song ahaha

– when I was waiting for Brandon to come and help me cut the cake- the photos are just hilarious. 
Being married these past four months have been crazy and amazing! I wouldn’t trade my hubby for anything… except maybe my dog… I really love her more 😘😂😏😘
I will talk to you all soon 

Stay beautiful xo



Hello beauties ! 

Some updates 🙂 

We have been married for four months and I am still having a hard time believing it! 

I am so lucky to be married to the most amazing man that has come in to my life. 

He knows how crazy I am and still loves me! 

He is truly the love of my life and I am so blessed! 

These past two years have been amazing my life went from hell where I thought about why am I even here to this amazing life I am living now! 

I have been a nail tech for 7 months now and I am so grateful for my hubby because I wouldn’t have been here if it weren’t for him! 

I love being a nail tech! 
I also just recently found a new passion! And that is makeup! Thanks to the company senegence I have fallen in love with lipsense! It is a long lasting lipstick that doesn’t fade, smudge , transfer or anything it is even kiss proof 😮 hehe. It last from 4-18 hours and I may trade my husband in for more colours ahah. 

Next in line after my husband… maybe even before my husband shhh 🤐 is my dog Phoenix ❤️❤️❤️ she has been an absolute addition to our lives! 

I can’t wait to get back into writing blogs more. 

Until the next post stay beautiful 😍❤️😘

My favourite Nail products & accessories

Hello beauties, 

We recently moved into a new house! Best part this house has the perfect room for a great nail room! I plan on doing a full nail room tour… so for now here’s a sneak peak:

Desk set up 😍! 

Bath and body works candles are my favourite so having them set up in my office was an obvious must!

While printing off wedding photos the other day I found this cute frame with the perfect quote in it and I knew it was perfect for the office! 

Okay now some of my product favourites!

The Ugly duckling gel polishes & gel top coat are some of the best I have used.  Along with my ugly duckling gel brush and crystal blinger. 

The Light elegance 100/150 nail files and the ugly duckling coarse nail files are two of my favourite files out there. I feel they actually help shape and file without pressure. Where as a lot of other files I’ve tried aren’t as nice. 

Enailcouture  sparkles so gorgeous!!! And you can use them as a textured sparkle or put the top coat over top for a smooth feeling. The cuticle oil smells like pineapples 🍍 which speaks for itself! 

 Light elegance gel polishes are also right up there with the ugly duckling they are creamy and go on very smooth. 

My stamping plates are from Bundle monster !  They have some awesome collections and designs! 

Of course my Swarovski crystals, unicorn skin and unicorn chrome from Beauty Big Bang . 

I have more art stuff on its way from amazon, eBay and other online shops, so once it all gets here I will do a nail haul. With pricing and where I got it all from. 

Oh I almost forgot to tell you about the marshmallow hand and cuticle scrub by Deborah Lippmann (C$33)! I got it from Sephora ! This makes your hands feel like you just had a spa experience!  I also have the Deborah Lippmann cuticle remover (C$23) and it works like a hot damn! 

Last but not least, I also love this st. Ives lotion! I make sure to put it on before and after each nail client to make sure my hands stay soft and moisturizers through the day! 

Stay gorgeous 

See you next time 😘

Nail industry tag! 

Hello beauties ! 

I was watching one of my favourite youtubers/nail techs today and saw her and another one of my top favourites did a nail tag together! So I figured why not participate! 

Check out their pages

I have wanted to do the nail course since I was in high school and four months ago I finally took it and I am not only proud of myself but grateful I had the chance! 

Alright lets jump in! 

1. How long have you been in the nail industry and what inspired you to be a part of it?

I have only been a nail tech for 4 months but have been inspired to be one for the past ten years. I have always been in love with the beauty industry 

2. Have you ever wanted to give up and what made you change your mind (any advice to those who struggle)?

No I haven’t wanted to give up however, again I have only been doing it for four months! It’s been my dream though so I am not sure I ever will! My advice to those who might be struggling with that- remember why you started! Follow your passion! 

3. What part of doing nails has been the biggest struggle to master for you and what has been your strongest point? 

My biggest struggle so far has been trying to master french nails. My strongest point I would have to say is how quickly I adapted to shaping! 

4. Who is your biggest inspiration in the nail industry and why/how do they inspire you?

I would have to say my teacher Suzie has been my biggest inspiration!!! I have been following her for years and love her work! But I also love her she is just one of the nicest, genuine and brilliant women I have Met! 

Check out Suzie’s YouTube here

5. What’s your least favourite color
and peice of art to use and your most favourite?  

My least favourite colour to work with is black! It is really hard to work around the edges/cuticle area. My least favourite piece of art to work with is dried flowers. My favourite colour would be any pastel! My favourite piece of art is striping tape or crystals! So beautiful 😍 

6. How has using social media helped you in all these years ?

Social media has been wonderful over these past four months it has helped me connect with my clients and potential clients! I also get to connect with other specialists in the beauty industry! 

7. What is one nail art skill you’ve seen others do that you could master yourself that you currently feel you can’t do?

French or flower inlays

8. Starting today money and educations not an issue: if you had to stop doing nails what would you want to do instead?

I would want to stay in the beauty industry probably something with lashes…. although I may do that anyway! 

That or be a realtor. Lol

9. What do you think the next big trend in nail art would be? (Something
we haven’t seen yet)

The next big nail trend- who knows ….. 

Jam nails – instead of a flower inlay or aquarium nails have jam in them… 

ridiculous hahaha 

10. What are some of your nail goals you have set for yourself for this year?

Some of my nail goals over the next year 

  • Work mostly doing nails
  • Master what I feel weak at now 
  • Further education 
  • Take a lash extension course
  • Lash lift and tinting course 
  • Bikini wax course

BONUS question: why do you think nails is the bottom of the barrel? Everyone is willing to pay 100$ for a full set of lashes but gasps
when nails cost more then 60 why?

I believe it’s because as nail techs we don’t believe in ourselves enough to charge What we are worth. I don’t think we really think about all that goes in to it.  Cost of product, time, therapy hours 😉 

Really there is so much to a set of nails that I feel as a tech I shouldn’t be charging more than $60 unless they are perfect and no ones perfect. It’s a never ending battle with yourself . 

As a client you know that! Even if a few of us start charging what they are worth clients will leave to go to a different cheaper tech – where lash techs mostly charge the same. 

Are you a nail tech? Lets hear your answers!
Until next time 

Stay beautiful xoxo

2 weeks away! 

Hello beauties! 

The wedding day is only 11 days away! (Oh my) 👰🏻 🤵🏼 we are so excited yes I believe we are nervous too! (Atleast I am) ! 

There is so much to do for a wedding that I never even thought about ! (I’ll be writing a blog post all about it after the honeymoon!) 

I have the greatest support system making sure this day goes perfectly. My mom and dad, their friends and my bridal party (especially my maid of honour!) 

This weekend we planned out what the flowers are going to look like! Oh my are they beautiful! (I’ll share the bridesmaid bouquet but the maid of honour and bride bouquet will have to wait ) 

I am so in love 😍
I am so grateful for everyone and what they have done! I’m already a stressed cranky mess I can’t believe what I’d be like without them! Mostly my mom! 

But of course I am super grateful for my hubby to be! He is the sweetest, kindest, most charming man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and the honour of falling in love with! 

Like seriously how adorable am I . Just kiddin! 

But seriously I am so excited for the big day to finally be here and to celebrate with our family and friends. 

This is the summer to remember 



Lets do this! 

Okay stay tuned for wedding sneak peaks, advice and what not to do if your planning your own wedding! 

More posts coming soon! 


Stay beautiful 

Bachelorette in Tofino ❤️

Hey beauties, this past weekend a few of my girlfriends and I headed up to Tofino for a few nights for my bachelorette! 

It was a great time! The resort is gorgeous and right on Mckenzie beach 🌊 

(Not my photos^) 

We arrived on Friday and got straight in to the drinks and hot tub! It was a great way to wind down! 

These girls are my rocks! They made sure my weekend was great and stressfree! As we get older it’s harder and harder to spend time with just your girls, but a girls trip is a great way to remind yourself that even with your busy life and partners you still need your girls! 

The beach was gorgeous. if anyone knows Vancouver islands weather… well Tofino is like it’s own space, the weather is unpredictable and can go from sunny to pouring down rain in all of two seconds! 

The sand on the beach though made it feel as if you were in some tropical place! 
Crystal cove was amazing, the cabins are quaint and stocked with everything your going to need. They leave you a bottle of wine and chocolates. If you have a pet they give you everything your going to need for them. Best of all there was a Starbucks in the office building ahaha. So even in Tofino I could get my caramel macchiato! 

All in all the girls and I had a fabulous time, we bonded, spent a lot of quality time in the hot tub and really just unwinded 😘
I can not wait to go back with my future husband and maybe some of the girls even 😂😘🌊
Until next time stay gorgeous