Tag you are it! Blogger Interview ☆

I’ve been tagged by the beautiful Annette- check out her blog here :

How did you get into blogging?
I had always wanted to start a blog but inwas so nervous as to what people would say or think. This past January i decided to stop letting pthers opinions dictate my life.
So i started my blog,  i love it and i am so proud of it.
I have met some amazing people along the way too!

What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?
Start it for you, write it for your readers and remember daily that you are just startimg out dont rush the process!

How has your blog changed since you started writing it?
I am a lot more confident with what inam posting, the material is thought out, the pictures are better and i have found my niche in beauty and lifestyle.

What would be your dream campaign?
My dream campaign would be mac, Nume hair products or Microsoft !
They are all passions of mine!

What advice would you give to PR’s wanting to approach you for a campaign?
I’m pretty new at this campaign thing, my rates are pretty reasonable as a new blogger I’m still building up my experience. Don’t ever hesitate to contact me in regards to an opporitunity or my rates

Do you have a plan for your blog?
Definitely!  Well it is still new i know that there is huge potential in it and i am excited to see where it will be this time next year i am also excited for all of you to see whats in store!

What do you think about rankings?
I like rankings for my own use and to see my progress,  i dont see blogging as a competition we are all in this together! ♡

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Tag! You’re it!
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♡ Colleen from https://makeupandnonsense.wordpress.com


Do you like FREE?

Good Afternoon!

Sorry it is a late post, it has been a busy day of cleaning and shopping getting ready for the boys to arrive (they are home for two weeks yay).

Let’s jump right into this!!!

Do you like free ? Yeah, me to!

So I am going to share my well known secrets on how I get my free samples (and even some full size products).
So here are the two I love to use!

Influenster and BzzAgent

You answer surveys and share on social media and based off of that you are invited to campaigns.
They send you products to try out and you share on twitter, Facebook, Instagram on your opinion, experience and tell everyone where you got it from 🙂

My current campaigns I am involved in are
bzzagent- Crest 3D white Brilliance toothpaste and polish.
Influenster-  l’oreal firbralogy  hair care collection

So to hear more about these campaigns make sure to follow me on my social media 😉
Twitter- @bchaos2015
Facebook- Beautifulchaos
Instagram- @beautifulchaos2015
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March Favourites

That’s right it is time for ‘March Favourites’ yay!!!
Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to tell me what you can not leave the house without!


Coming soon… My new “vlog” area.
With some lighting it is perfect!


Vera Wang Princess – this months pick!
Smells delicious! I love it and Ash does too!


I have a new bow obsession!
They complete any outfit to look just that extra bit cute!


Naked 2 pallette
I have some fun looks to show you coming soon.


Charming charlie purse !
Beauty…that’s all.


NYX Candy Buttons #BLS09
The perfect colour!!! So beautiful and definitely my spring colour.


Charming Charlie leopard print scarf – an everyday must!


My wonderful wax warmer – and delicious vanilla wax!!!
It is not only my Favourite it is also Ash’s favourite!!!

What was your must have this month?

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Kimberli XO

My sick day routine


Good Morning beauties!!! 
Well as I am sure you can tell from the headline I am sick 😦
I thought I would share my sick day routine with all of you so let’s get started!!!

Sick day outfit —
PJs and a blanket


I usually start my morning with a coffee but when I’m sick I put the coffee away and boil some water. Once the water is boiled I cut up some lemon and ginger to pour the water onto then once it is ready to drink I add a tablespoon of honey into it!
Not only does it taste good it has amazing health benefits!



While drinking my tea I will catch up on social media and emails. Just because I am sick doesn’t mean I can let it all slip through the cracks.


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Once I am done catching up on social media and I am done my tea, I go and brush my teeth and gently splash cold water on my face just to stay refreshed. I also keep refreshed by always keeping my fruit infused water close by!

Once I am done with refreshing my face i will set up on the couch with my notebook and my iPad and plan some blogs and promote my social media pages. Then throw on a movie, genre depending on if I have the kids or not.
Today I have Keagan home and Riley is at school so we are watching Alpha and omega.

So all in all I make sure to relax and stay hydrated. It ensures I will get healthy as quickly as possible.

Check out “my sick must haves” and leave me a comment below telling me yours!!!

Sick Day essentials:
* Social Media
* Slippers
* PJs
* Water
* Honey, lemon, ginger and hot water
* My notebook
* Warm, cozy and fluffy blanket
* Lotion to keep your skin soft
* Kleenex
* Cold and sinus medicine
and last but not least

Kimberli XO