Hey you! 

Hey beauties!  

Just in case you have been following my new journey and were interested in joining me!!! 

These are the countries we are available in! 


Love you all! 


Christmas Treat!!!

Hello beauties!!! 

Today I am sharing a recipe I found and fell in love with 

White chocolate peppermint Oreo bark! 

This is so delicious! 

Total time 10 mins


  1. 10 mini candy canes crushes 
  2. 12 Oreos chopped 
  3. 1 cup milk chocolate chips (or semi-sweet) 
  4. 1.5 cups white chocolate chips


  1. Line your cookie sheet with wax paper
  2. Add milk chocolate chips to a microwave safe bowl and heat in 30 second increments, stirring after each, until melted and smooth. Poor on to prepared cookie sheet and spread flat. Sprinkle with chopped Oreos. Chill for 10 minutes.
  3. Add white chocolate chips to a microwave safe bowl and heat on 50% power and 30 increments, stirring after each, until melted and smooth. Pour over Oreos and spread onto the edges of the milk chocolate. Sprinkle with crushed candy canes. chill until set, break into pieces and serve or package to give

It is a super easy recipe and something for the family or your work Christmas party! 
I hope you all enjoy! 

Stay gorgeous xo 

Recipe time 

Good morning lovelies!

If you have read my previous post you know that I have joined itworks! 

Today I want to share a recipe I recently made and have fallen in love with 

These cookies are made with out profit protein powder! You would never know that they were healthy for you they are so delicious! Chewy and yet melt in your mouth!!!! 
Think these are what I am going to make and bring to the next Christmas party I go to!  

Check out My itworks shop! To purchase your own Ultimate ProFit and make these delicious cookies and more!!!! 

Stay gorgeous xo

Fall Favourites 

Good morning lovely people!!! 

Today I want to talk about some of my fall favourites 

Let’s start with these candles from bath and body works! Oh my lord they smell delicious, my entire house smells like spices and flannel ahaha. 

Next is that gorgeous ring from Bella’s yard : I absolutely love it! I also got my bridesmaids bracelets from there and they are stunning I can’t wait to share those with you all! 

Next are my greens, I can’t go a day without taking my Itworks greens they energize me and I have stopped drinking coffee like it’s water. I have one a day, if that 🙂 they give me 33% of my daily intake of vegetables and fruit!!! Check my site out It works with Kimberli

Next thing I want to mention is my new hair texture cream, it smells like strawberries and cream, makes my hair so soft and the fly always are at bay! 

I got my nails done the other day by a lovely lady at Nail District they are gorgeous and probably my favourite set this fall! I also got my bath bombs there, I am so excited to try them out!!! As well as the selfie sun tan lotion-woot

My Lululemon gloves to keep me warm outside and at work! 

Last but not least I am so excited to try out the new cranberry orange beer that Phillips just launched for the winter!!! 

I hope you all have a wonderful day

Stay beautiful xo

My ItWorks adventure 💚

Good morning beauties, 

As some of you know I have decided to join #ItWorks! 

I am excited for this journe, I have joined an amazing team full of hard working l, kind, inspirational women! 

I had been watching one ladies journey for a while and for the longest time I was on the fence! Then she retired her military hubby and I though okay this is for real! 

Then I heard what other ladies had done with their lives since joining! I thought I could be one of those ladies! 

Of course success doesn’t just come over night! You have to work it! So of course I am going to work my A$$ off at this and succeed like the rest of them! 

To make those above me proud, so Brandon and I can have everything we desire, to set life for when we have kids and to prove everyone wrong that thought I couldn’t do it! 

I believe in the products, they are natural and have shown results! 

I can’t wait to start using them and showing my results! 

ItWorks if you work 

If you are interested in joining my team send me an email 


Or post 

“Interested” in the comments below 

Stay beautiful xo 

September Goals 🍁🍂🍃

Hey Beauties,

Today I wanted to share my September goals! 

  1. To get my house unpacked 
  2. To start organizing all of my wedding stuff to see what I have and still need
  3. To see more of my family
  4. Start packing lunches for work 
  5. To make sure I am still making time for those important in my life even when working lots
  6. Make more crockpot meals
  7. Blog more
  8. Gym more
  9. Shop less
  10. Make sure every aspect of my life is getting 110% of me
  11. Dance more
  12. Love more
  13. Plan more of my wedding 
  14. Take more pictures
  15. Go out and explore more
  16. Apply for school for January

I hope you enjoyed my simple yet fulfilling goals for this month! 

The beautiful scenery I get to wake up to every day and go to bed to every night reminds me of where I am, where I have been and all I have accomplished in between! 

Until next time! 

Stay beautiful xo

Birthday Camping Trip

Hey Beauties! 

Long time I have been super busy lately!  

I will be doing a life update post soon but first I just want to share about my (and Brandons) birthday camping trip 

We headed up island after a long day at work on Monday and started our camping adventure! We stayed at Lakeview Campsite 🙂

The first night was just Brando and I and as always it was nice to be with him! It was especially Romantic cause it was where he proposed just a few months ago! It was nice to be back! 

My friend came the next day to enjoy this camping adventure and our birthdays with us!!! It was wonderful! 

On my actual birthday my wonderful friend and her adorable little boy came to visit me what a wonderful birthday present! As well as another friend who brought me these beautiful lambent crystal candleholders!

We spent most of the day at the lake drinking, swimming and soaking in the sunshine! ♡ 

The next day was my handsome hubbies birthday and again we spent the day at the lake. It was seriously a wonderful vacation and such a relaxing time! 

Here are some photos of the highlights of our trip! 

Thanks for all of your love and support

Have a great Sunday evening beauties 

Until next time 

Stay beautiful xo